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cityofshadowsx's Journal

City Of Shadows
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If you get accepted please join the OOC community. shadows_ooc

City of Shadows is ruled by one vampire and his group of follower's. The human's aren't safe here at all. They never will be. They're getting stalked, beaten, raped, and well, they're getting captured. Taking prisoner as the vampire's slaves. When imprisoned they have no say at all. They can get beat, raped, tortured, and they'll have to deal with it. They can fight all they want, but sooner or later, they'll break.

This community containts graphic violence. Don't join if you can't deal with it.

1. If you are a human, you have one week. The vampires may stalk you, scare you, but they cannot capture you.
2. If you are caught and made a slave. You have no imput in the situation. Who-ever catches you, you must listen to them.
3. Don't join this community if you're scared of graphic things. It's a vampire community, get over it.
4. You must have a AIM name. (It doesn't have to match your character)
5. You must have your own LJ name. It doesn't have to contain the character's name, but please. At least make it so people will know who is who.
6. No God-Modding. You will be warned the first time. If I see it, or any of the other mods see it, consider yourselfs banned.
7. Do not kill another vampire without the player's permission.
8. There is only one vampire ahead of all the other vampire's. But you can have a rebellious vampire that fights the "good fight." But if he's captured, don't complain.
9. Vampires can be made the master's slave. It doesn't matter who you are. If you're a vampire, and the "Master" says you are going to be under the order's of another one. You're shit outta luck. That's the way the game is played.
10: Male characters only.
11. No made up's.
12. Vampires can not turn a human without M. Shadows permission. (He's the master, people)
13. Nor can the humans or vampires in this matter escape without telling the player playing Shadows.

If you have any questions, you can contact the mods, VIA on AIM.
- M. Shadows (Master Vampire) - xshadowsofevil
- Pete Wentz - Fear X Awaken
- Brendon Urie - urie is thedisco
- Synyster Gates - bleed for Syn
- William Beckett - williamplusfangs
- Zacky Vengeance - bite me zackyxxx
- Jimmy "The Reverend" Sullivan - R7x Reverend
- Ryan Ross - mydearxryan
- Mikey Way- BeBeAggresive
- Adam Absinthe - xvxAbsinthexvx
- Ville Valo - helsinkiwampire
- Tony Lovato- xbottleblonde
- Branden Steineckert- holeedrummer
- Darin Yevonde - Writteninmetal
- Jack Marin - wearefabricatedx
- Victor Love - GibbetZPrey
- Quinn Allman - deadxidiot
- Jared Leto - midnightsongxx
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